a4-room The Great Learning Orchestra

About a4-room

a4 room is a cross-border project between visual art, composed music and improvisation which was initiated in 2004 by Leif Jordansson for The Great Learning Orchestra. It was initially an open invitation to contribute with a composition for orchestra, with the only restriction that it should be written to fit on an a4 sheet. Now it has now grown into an archive with more than 140 compositions made by artists and composers from different genres and from all over the world.

The invitation is made clear that all means are permitted and that one may use anything from notes and text instructions to graphic images and photographs.

a4 room becomes a combination of an installation and a concert of compositions which both can be seen at and listened to. The Great Learning Orchestra creates, in the art gallery, a place where the distinction between a musical work and a social act dissolves and gives a delightful insight into experimental music and its creative processes. During the fall 2014 (29/8 – 30/11) the exhibition was displayed in Marabouparken art gallery. In january 2016 there will be a release of a book/box, in a numbered serie of 250 copies with more than 100 pieces. If you are interested, send us an email.

Recording of the pieces is done by:

Bebe Risenfors
Ingvar Loco Nordin
Johan E Andersson
Leif Jordansson